Furnishing an Office

Although at first it may sound like the easiest job that you have ever been given, there is more to be considered when furnishing an office than you may think. What you must of course keep in mind at all times are; what is the function of the office and what the budget is.

Obviously you will want the office to be as pleasing to the eye as possible, especially if visitors are expected to be taken there. At the same time though, the office must be completely functional and the workers needs will also have to be considered. This means that although there may be a very wide variety of options for furniture from which you can choose that variety drops considerably once you have taken all the considerations into account.

First and foremost though, you must take into consideration the function of the office. If there are several people that will be required to work in the office; are the fitting of cubicles more convenient? If so you will have to decide the size which each cubicle will need to be, taking into consideration the amount of space each worker will need in order to carry their duties efficiently. Whether or not you use cubicles, you will want to know type of desk each worker will need as well as the size each one will need, especially if they are all responsible for carrying out different duties. You will need to decide how much space is needed apart from that which the workers and their desks take up; for instance, do you need seating for visitors? Do you need to have space for filing cabinets, if so how many?

It is not often that you are probably asked to furnish an office and so you may not be aware of some of the furnishings which are available and so it often advisable to seek assistance when choosing your furniture range and that assistance can usually be provided by the supplier of the furniture, after all they have seen many offices and know all the ranges which are available and so they just may be able to advise what is the best in your situation.

First of all let’s consider that you opt to have cubicles. The wall height of the cubicles can vary by as little as inches and so what height would you want? Do you want that the workers can see each other and interact or would you prefer that they are completely isolated?

Today there are many different style and types of desk that you can get and some of them are specifically designed to fit economically into different spaces. Sometimes, for certain workers, a standing desk may be more productive and if so, could that be more economic with space. Obviously if one of the desks is for a receptionist, that desk would have to be of a completely different design from the rest and if you do have a receptionist, you obviously expect visitors and so how comfortable do you want them to feel whilst waiting?

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