Introduction To Office Planning

When you move into a brand new open office space, the emptiness can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why I bring you today an introduction to office space planning. This is so you’ll be able to do the planning yourself, even if you find someone else to do all the building for you. Even if you are not planning on doing things yourself and will just go with a professional project manager, it is important for you to know what is necessary to do an effective office space planing with out having to consult all those fit outs review sections on your local news paper.

The first thing you need to do is a list of all your wants and needs for the office space that is currently empty. How many dedicated areas will you need to conduct your business. What type of furniture are you going to go with? Are you going to have cubicles or the dreaded open space working area? All of this becomes very important when deciding on a plan for your new space. Remember that it’s important to consider that a natural feel for the space will go a long way in making your personnel feel at ease and in consequence be more productive.

When designing your office keep in mind the technology you are going to use. Plan for the computer and telephone networks. Also, plan for electricity for your work stations. Remember that you plan to stay on this location for enough time so that your investment starts bearing fruit, so if you fill it with outdated equipment that require very specific interfaces that might be outdated quickly. You don’t want to find yourself having to replace technology in just a couple of years. So, consider updating your equipment when you make the move to a new location and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and won’t need to go for that fit outs review section prematurely.

If you are able, when designing your space give your employees the opportunity to personalize their own private space. I’ve just read about this and think it’s a great idea. It will improve your employees’ satisfaction, morale and it will develop loyalty. If you give the personnel the ability to feel responsible for their own space you’ll have a more motivated worker, able to be more productive.

Also, when designing your new space take into account that some people don’t like change. So it is your responsibility to promote the idea of a positive change. You can do this by presenting an open and enthusiastic attitude towards the move. If you have a policy of inclusion where you will listen and appreciate feedback from your employees, it will help motivate them about the change as well.

Keep your vision in check by adding up the costs. When you design your new space it is very easy to go overboard with innovation or personalization, what must keep you in check is the budget. Budget time as well as money. How long would this dream space of yours will take to finish.

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